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Whole House Air Filtration

Reducing Indoor Air Pollution For a Healthier Home

Outdoor air is cleansed regularly by nature. Thunderstorms, lightning, and ultraviolet energy from the sun continually clean the outdoor air.

However, our indoor air contains persistent sources of pollution that can adversely affect our health. Nearly every home is host to a variety of pollutants including, building materials, adhesives, cleaning chemicals, disinfectant sprays, deodorizers, insecticides, paints, stains and other toxins.

To compound the problem, we’ve sealed our homes to conserve energy and prevented the toxins from escaping. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that our indoor air environment can be 2 – 5 times as polluted as the worst outside air.

The Solution To Clean Indoor Air Is Here

Union Complete Service provides expert solutions to indoor air quality problems. Our whole house air filtration system cleans your indoor air by removing particulate matter with HEPA filters that can remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles. The result is cleaner, healthier air. For those with allergies and asthma related issues, cleaner air means living more comfortably.

To help you determine the best indoor air quality solutions for your home contact the indoor air quality experts at Union Complete Service. We'll help you select the system that's right for your home.

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