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Testimonials - Union Complete

Kat – WOW…Gary from Union Complete just fixed ny dryer in 20 minutes! He even was honest enough to tell me that the rollers, which he originally thought were the issue, were in good shape and did not need replacing. He could have replaced them or told me he did, and I would not have known any difference. Gary is honest, dependable, personable and skilled.

CALL GARY AT UNION COMPLETE 992-7300 for ALL of your appliance and air conditioning repairs.

Ted – Many, many thanks for the effort that you and your organization put forth during our recent siege of problems that involved persistent refrigerant leaks in a recently installed air conditioning system. The pursuit of these problems involved several defective coils supplied by the manufacturer and multiple leak investigations. You became personally involved in the process and even went to the local distributor with the area manufacturer's representative and personally tested the final coil that was installed. You also provided a portable room air conditioner that kept our bedroom cool and also helped to a minor extent throughout the rest of the apartment.

The entire cost of all of this was shared between you and the manufacturer, although I suspect the cost to Union Complete was substantial and that the manufacturer picked up a relatively small portion. This proves once again your commitment to customer service.

Throughout our association with Union Complete over the past fifteen years at three different residences, every male and female employee with whom we have dealt has been friendly, responsive, courteous, competent in their job, neat in their appearance and work habits and a pleasure to do business with. I am sure that careful selection and "weeding" over the years has been involved. You have built a tremendous organization that I have no hesitation recommending.

Larry B. - Required emergency service on HVAC. Union was on site within 30 minutes of the call for service which occurred approx 2:30 PM. HVAC was running within 20 minutes. This will hopefully hold until we return to Fl. I was notified by my temp/humidity monitor of potential problem. Friend went on site to determine situation. Placed call to Union. I have used Union for three properties now. It does not get any better than Union!

Marian D – When you have a service contract with Union Complete Service they are extremely prompt in getting out, I mean it's the same day. They are very knowledgeable with systems. We have a contract and for three units it's approximately $850 a year, but that includes like parts and labor if a repair has to be made. So it may sound high but you know we get discounted on labor and you don't get charged for your service calls. I think that they're good.

James M. – Union Complete responded to a rental property 125 miles from my primary residence to repair a refrigerator. I was unable to be there for technician and everything was handled over the phone. Repairs were made promptly and correctly. The bill was paid over the phone and a receipt mailed. I was very satisfied with their service and would use them again if needed.

Richard P. – We have an annual contract in Florida with Union complete Service for heating and A/C. They do a good job. They come when they’re supposed to, and take care of what they need to.

Union Complete Service provides Sales, Service, and Service Agreements for all your air conditioning and appliance needs.

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